Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Recap of Unglued: Craft Fest 2012!

"buy creative. get inspired."

The second annual Unglued: Craft Fest overflowed downtown Fargo this February 25, 2012! Hosted at the beautiful Plains Art Museum we couldn't have asked for a more inspiring venue. 65 vendors from the area and region filled all 3 floors of the museum following the walls and creating islands of booths throughout it.

{photo credit x2: Julie Meyer}

We were so impressed by the beautiful, unique displays the vendors created adding a fun & fresh touch to a craft fest. We hosted a booth contest and had our volunteers and sponsors vote for their favorite set ups. Some sweet prizes were awarded from Unglued & Crafty Planet!

Yellow Umbrella (also an amazing shop in Bemidji!) won 1st place for "Most Awesome Booth" -
{photo credit: Yellow Umbrella}

Kelly Hanson Handmade of the Twin Cities won 2nd Most Awesome Booth Display -

{photo credit x2: Kelly Hanson Handmade}

We love how crafters, makers, and artists can be together in such a beautiful place downtown Fargo showcasing their best, creative handiwork for the area to experience. Gallery admission was free that day for attendees to additionally explore this gem of a museum - and get a break from the crowd!

Not only was there shopping to be had, but a variety of workshops were held again this year for both kids and adults to be inspired. From a Tiny Terrarium Class by Station House Studios for adults to learning to handstitch an owl for kids, new skills were gained to take home and get creative.

And back this year was a variety of musicians to discover and enjoy, creating a vibrant, bustling atmosphere for attendees, hosted by Dive 95.

Raschelle Schottmuller

Ian Johnson

Joel Marchand

We are always just blown away by the creativity that is emerging all over the's a little more photo overload for your enjoyment!::

{photo credit x2: Kensie Wallner Photography}

{photo credit: Julie Meyer}

{photo credit x2: Kensie Wallner Photography}

You can now find a list of all of our vendors from this year and their websites HERE. Go check them out and see what they're up to!

{photo credit: My Little Dear}

The feedback we are getting from our vendors & attendees is just awesome! If you have any thoughts or ideas, be sure to email us at We have a lot of good feedback to consider as there is a big interest in a summer fest, 2 day fest, permanent shop, workshops, & holiday fun. We'd love to hear from you!

Be sure to watch here, on our website, and especially our Facebook for the easiest way to stay updated on what's to come and next fest dates/venue/application! We can't wait...

Thank you to everyone who attended (about 3,000 of you!) and made this day an exciting celebration of everything creative! Thank you so very much to our sponsors, too, and please be sure to show them your support. Plains Art Museum, High Plains Reader, Dunn Bros, Dive 95, Crafty Planet, Gatecity Bank, Prairie Yarns, Nordic Needle, and Station House Studios. Thank you to Nate Nolting of Withremote for our awesome poster design this year...and to our fantastic group of volunteers - this day never would have gone as smooth as it did without you!!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crafter Spotlight: Nicholas Jackson

What will you be selling at Unglued? Prints of my illustrations.

What are your greatest inspirations? Love, Fables, Disney.

When and where did you learn your craft? Bemidji State, and drawing whenever I get the chance.

What makes your product stand out? I have a watercolor/digital process which is not that common. Plus, I sometimes draw monsters.

Any other interesting tidbits you’d like to mention? I periodically survive solely on tea to get through a painting.

(images from Nicholas Jackson's website)

Unglued is almost here! Be sure to check out Nicholas Jackson on Saturday!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Crafter Spotlight: Withremote

Nate Nolting of Withremote is the designer of our awesome Craft Fest poster this year! We have had so many people asking who made it - check out some of his sweet creations from his website (be sure to stop by his booth February 25 to give him a high 5 for making the poster!):

Check out an interview with him here!

Thanks so much Nate!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crafter Spotlight: Mamie and Valletta

What will you be selling at Unglued?
Beautiful leather clutches and handbags created from re-purposed leathers. Silk flowers, feathers, and tassels give each bag a touch of whimsy.

What are your greatest inspirations?
My inspiration really comes from a lot of different things, but I can probably blame my Mom for my love of accessories! I have a pretty ecclectic sense of design and I love making something new while giving a nod to the past.

When and where did you learn your craft?
I grew up surrounded by some pretty crafty ladies, so creativity has always been a part of my life! I have a degree in Interior Design and spent a semester with the theater working on stage & costume design. That really taught me to think from the inside out on how things go together. I have been designing leather bags since 2008.

What makes your product stand out?
Each handbag is a truly a one-of-a-kind design. They are created from re-purposed leather, so the cut and color is always a bit different. A lot of love and thought goes into each bag, from conception to completion, to make it unique.

Any other interesting tidbits you’d like to mention?
My obsession with re-purposed items does not stop at leather purses! My house is filled with re-created items like a an old window used as our family message board, a fireplace mantle that has been turned into my favorite head board, and we enjoy summer meals on our patio with a farmhouse table made from a door...and I loved creating it all!

Be sure to check out Mamie & Valletta's awesome booth at the Craft Fest Feb 25!

Crafter Spotlight:

What will you be selling at Unglued?

A good time! Actually, that's always free. Though good times will be accompanied by one of a kind leather (and some vegan-friendly ;) wrist wallets, needlework pendants, Chinese calligraphy art, and photography for sale.

What are your greatest inspirations?

Food. I know, that's weird. But seriously, I feel like my muse is the ghost of Christmas present from Mickey's Christmas Carol - you remember, right? That jovial giant surrounded by all kinds of amazing foodstuff? Yes, please! I get a lot of inspiration while eating food, and seeing food, and making food. My art is also heavily inspired by eastern philosophy and culture, practicality, and great minds, but Willie the giant is my beautiful musing mistress.

When and where did you learn your craft?

After my step-father died of cancer in early 2006, I moved across states to be with my mother; I essentially moved into and slept on the floor of what was the "storage slash craft/sewing room" and being the Nosy McNoserton that I am, ended up teaching myself how to sew by rummaging through ceiling-high bins of craft supplies. It was a very introspective and rewarding time, spending it with my mother and learning crafts and cooking with her in adulthood. Later that year, I ended up moving back up to the midwest and landing a job at Nordic Needle (where I still work full-time), and dove very deeply into the world of heritage needlework. The wrist wallets inception, however, is a much more facepalm story. Mid 2011 I ended up getting my club on with a girlfriend and had my keys stolen from my jacket (bummer), and after a 12 hour, 2 re-keyed houses later fiasco (I was cat/dog sitting that weekend too, oy), I figured I should make something secure that I could carry my stuff in while going out. I'd never worked with leather before, so it was a learning experience, but the ideas kept coming after that, and here I am now.

What makes your product stand out?

I absolutely love bright and bold colors, and a lot of my products showcase intense contrasts and interesting color combinations. If you visit my website, you'll get a whiff of the technicolor. 70's refrigerator green, I'm-on-fire orange, and depression grey? Take all my money! Teal and red? Heck yes! My favorite flower is the bird of paradise, and that pretty much sums up my weird personality, and color tendencies.

Any other interesting tidbits you’d like to mention?

I think I've divulged quite the eye-ful, but I do have a coffee tip to share! If you're ever patronizing an establishment where perfectly brewed coffee isn't in your future, and upon first sip you taste that all-too-familiar this-coffee-has-been-on-the-pot-since-last-Tuesday burnt taste, just add a dash of salt! For real? For real. It won't instantly turn gourmet, but the burnt taste will get muted. This tip brought to you by my awesome sister, Lois, and her years of waitressing experience.

Come check out's sweet creativity Feb 25!

Crafter Spotlight: HotHouse Creations Soap Co.

What will you be selling at Unglued?
All natural, handmade soaps and other natural body care products.
What are your greatest inspirations?
Nature! I aspire to make things pretty and useful, and most of all not harmful to our bodies or the environment.
When and where did you learn your craft?
I learned to make soap about 9 years ago, from a chemistry book. I was allergic to everything and unable to use most store products. My first soap was oatmeal honey, and it's pretty much all I use still.

What makes your product stand out?
While my priority is to have a healthful, natural product my soap is very visually striking. I try to use unusual scent and color combinations, within the realm of non-synthetic colors and additives. Also, there are some products that I simply can't carry because they can't be made without synthetic ingredients. "All Natural" is more than just a slogan for me.
Any other interesting tidbits you’d like to mention?
After years of customer disbelief, I have finally seen Fight Club! I get asked that at least 10 times at every show and figured I should see it some time. :)
Come check out HotHouse on Feb 25!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Craft Fest spotlight - Trigo

What will you be selling at Unglued?

I will be selling monster coin purses and monster bike bags.

What are your greatest inspirations?

Lately I've been thinking that everything looks better with a pair of eyes on it. I think it's because I watched a lot of Pee Wee's Playhouse when I was a kid. Aside from that, I find myself most inspired by technical design and problem solving. Once you come up with an idea with an actual purpose, making it look prettier is the easy part.

When and where did you learn your craft?

I got a lot of sewing experience when I was studying Apparel Design at UW-Stout. Many of my classes required me to sew full garments. When I graduated I decided to take it easy on myself and make smaller items.

What makes your product stand out?

It's not often you walk by a table full of smiling faces. Also, there aren't many artists that make things out of inner tubes.

Any other interesting tidbits you’d like to mention?

I've been trying to teach my deaf cat sign language, but so far he's only learned the sign for treat.

Come check out Trigo Feb 25 at the Plains Art Museum!