Please head to our new website for the latest fest and shop news at www.ungluedmarket.com!  This site is no longer updated.

"The dog gets so unglued when people sneeze!"...and thus the name of Fargo's first indie craft fest was created.

We love creativity.  We love the handmade.  We do find a pretty good, if not overwhelming, amount of it online - and that makes us excited.  But we want more!  We want to be able to SEE the creativity, FEEL the products, and TALK about them with the creators.  We want to connect with people around the Midwest and Fargo who have the drive and appreciation for the creatively handmade and give them a market that is bursting at the seams, waiting for something like Unglued to happen here. 

There is an exciting, emerging movement of DIY'ers of all ages and experiences who want an audience of like-mindedness (and those intrigued!) to come together for a day to celebrate and collaborate on old and new crafting ideas and dreams.  Unglued: Craft Fest and Christmas Market is the first of it's kind in the Fargo area - come and be apart of the beginning!

The Craft Fest will be plum full of creative crafters from Fargo and the surrounding Midwest areas showcasing the best of their handmade items.  This is not your grandma's craft fair you'd find in a church basement - although your grandma really should come as her wonderful craft techniques are what gives us the ability to add a new, fresh flair - and we're sure she'll love it!  Our next one is set for February 22 & 23, 2013 at the beautiful Plains Art Museum. 

Our next crazy adventure is our permanent shop "Unglued: Market" that opened August 2012 downtown Fargo at 408 Broadway.  We currently have about 90 local and regional crafters, makers, and artists represented along with a sprinkling of others in the Midwest!  We host regular workshops for kids and adults and also have cupcakes from Bakeology and coffee from Peace Coffee.  Come check it out!  If you are interested in being a shop vendor, email us photos of your work or a website along with a short description to ungluedcraftfest@gmail.com.

So we are Unglued.  We are crazy enough to want more out of this creative life and are here to bring it to you!

If you are one of these creative crafters, artists, or DIY'ers, we are excited to get in touch with you!  Check out our website www.ungluedmarket.com for further information.  If you are a creative shopper, check out that website, too, for all the info you'll need to stop by!