Please head to our new website for the latest fest and shop news at www.ungluedmarket.com!  This site is no longer updated.

Apply HERE from November 1 - December 13, 2012 at 11pm!
The fest is juried and you will be notified by January 2, 2013 if you are accepted for a booth.  Thanks so much for applying!!

When is the next Unglued: Craft Fest?  
February 22 5pm-8pm & 23 9am-5pm, 2013 at the Plains Art Museum downtown Fargo!  Admission is $10 Friday night and free Saturday.

What's with the 2 days?
We take our feedback from crafters and shoppers very seriously to continue to make their fest experience more awesome.  We have been getting feedback from both sides for the past 2 years on making this a 2-ish day fest so we're going for it!  We've been working with the Plains to make this spectacular!  On Friday, Feb 22 from 5pm-8pm tickets will be $10 and will include fancy early shopping, a drink ticket, appetizers, and more!  Saturday, Feb 23 from 9am-5pm will remain totally free with swag bags, Golden Tickets, music, free workshops, and more.  Info will continue to be released as we get closer to the fest.  

For shoppers:

Do I need to come right away Saturday morning?
No, but there will be free swag bags with coupons and samples to the first 100 attendees + more TBA.  The swag bags will also have 5 Golden Tickets hidden throughout them!  If you receive one you are able to spend $20 in Unglued cash at the booth of your choice that day!  Throughout the day there will be some pretty amazing musicians, craft workshops, and fun that you should also check out!  More info TBA.

Is this going to be awesome?

What should I bring?
A friend and cash - and a recyclable bag to carry home your treasures!  

For crafters:
The skinny - 
Booth spaces are 6'x8'.  Set up will be Fri Feb 22, 2013 11am-4:45pm.  You will receive a recommended arrival time based on which floor your booth is, but we totally understand you just need to come when you can, too!  Electricity will not be available.  Wifi is, but it's function during the fest cannot be guaranteed.  Doors will open again for crafters on Saturday morning at 7:30am to prep for the day.

Vendors are responsible for their own tables & chairs.  The museum does have a limited amount of 6' & 8' tables so be sure to email us at ungluedcraftfest@gmail.com if you'd like to reserve one!  With the historic museum comes a few special considerations with space so we will host a vendor meet up on Saturday, February 2, 2013 in the morning.  This will be an opportunity to check out your booth space & meet other vendors!  

You cannot plan to hang anything on the walls.  Helium balloons are not allowed and will set off sprinklers!!

How do I get in?
Applications are open November 1 - December 13, 2013 online at ungluedmarket.com.  There are between 45-55 booths available and last year we had close to 300 applicants!  The fest is juried by a group of local business and gallery owners, avid etsy shoppers, and more.  The main categories that determine booth acceptance are craftsmanship, uniqueness, and fit with Unglued's vision of modern handmade.  You will be notified by January 2, 2013 if you are accepted for a booth.  If you have been an Unglued: Craft Fest vendor before be sure to showcase in your application progress and growth in your work.  We absolutely love and appreciate our previous vendors, but if we have the same booths every year we will become more of a traditional fest!

Why is this happening in the dead of winter?
Because it is the dead of winter!  You wouldn't believe how many attendees were overheard saying this was a perfect time of year to get out and have something awesome going on (and look forward to!).  Our first year in 2011 pulled in over 2,000 attendees in the little Legion building and had a line wrapping around the block to get in.  In our post survey, 100% of our vendors did as well as they expectd with 75% far above exceeding their expectations!  Also, we love and support the fests going on before Christmas and wanted to offer a sweet, indie fair when not a whole lot are happening to keep the creative community rolling and connected!

In 2012 we had over 3,500 attendees and many came back throughout the day for our various free workshops and great live music.  Be sure to make a day of it!!

Can I apply for a larger space?
It may be possible, but not super likely with the amount of applicants we get.  Please indicate in the last question/"other" section.  We cannot guarantee this depending on the number of accepted applicants.  If your request is accepted, you will need to pay an additional booth fee.

Can I share a booth space?
Yes - but we absolutely need to know this during your application.  Please indicate in the comments section in detail who this is and what their craft is.   They must also submit 3-5 photos to ungluedcraftfest@gmail.com for your application to be complete or have a website listed in this section.

Do I need to collect sales tax?
Yes, but you can include this with your prices and please don't freak out.  It's not too scary!  You are responsible for collecting sales tax appropriately and submitting it.  We are required by ND law to submit all of our vendors names following the fest.  Please visit www.nd.gov/tax/salesanduse for further information.

The forms you need are here - www.nd.gov/tax/salesanduse:  
One Time Remittance Form (If you literally are selling at this ONE event - including online - this year this is filled out following the event and one check is sent to the state).
ND Sales and Use Tax Permit (If you plan on selling more than once this year, this is filled out prior.  It's free and takes about 2 weeks to receive.  If you live out of state you also need to fill this out.  There are probably items on this permit that you'll find confusing and may not pertain to you, so CALL the number below and they are really, really helpful.)

**If you have any questions, the ND Sales Tax Office is super helpful.  Call them directly at 701.328.1246 

This is my first event!  Help!
*Get as prepared as you can now.  Plan on making more merchandise than you think youll need.

*Consider accepting credit cards!  Be aware wifi is available at the museum, but with a large amount of vendors potentially using it it cannot be guaranteed.  And bring change.  Be careful if you accept checks.  Require specific info like drivers license number.

*Plan your display ahead of time, be creative - you don't just have to use a table - get vertical!  Check out some links below of examples of table displays from other indie craft fairs.

*Bring a booth buddy!  You will at some point need to eat and walk away most likely:)

*Some items to remember - order books/receipts, bags, calculator, tissue paper, business cards.

*Have a wide range of prices to offer.  

*Promote yourself with signage, items in our free swag bags, having a website/blog/etsy.

*Have a good time!  If you are approachable, people will stop by.

Check out photos on these websites from previous indie craft fairs for inspiration on displays!:
Renegade Craft Fair photos from Readymade 
Flickr's Indie Craft Fair Guide photos
Indie Craft Show DIY Displays Archive

If your question hasn't been answered here, give us a holla at our email ungluedcraftfest@gmail.com!