Thursday, December 22, 2011

Quite Delightful!

We are winding down to the last 3 days of the Christmas Market being open! Last weekend was fantastic with local musicians getting shoppers to dance it up to 12 Days of Christmas and our Giveaway Sunday sending out lots of fun handmade gifts to winners of the day. Our 5 gift workshops inspired kids and adults alike to try something new and bless someone on their list with their own sweet handiwork.

Today we'll try to open early at 3pm (until 9pm)...and you'll find another new array of gifts as you finish your list! Friday we are open 10am-9pm and Saturday 10am-5pm! Below is a new box of screenprinted jersey scarves and hand towels:::
To top off the weekend both Friday and Saturday will have free gift wrapping with purchase using handmade bags like these and more!:::
Thank you to everyone for all of your amazing support throughout these last 5 weeks! Hope to see you these next couple days...and then for our Craft Fest February 25!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rocking around the Unglued Shop...

From Christmas photobooths to cake ball samples to beautiful weather, this past weekend was a blast! Now, gearing up for our 2nd to last weekend, we continue to receive new items for your gift shopping pleasure like this amazing skinny tie above with a bicycle print...

Also new to the shop this weekend are beautiful, handcrafted ornaments...
And crazy sweet monsters...And new head dresses ready for a classy soiree or holiday party...
Watch the High Plains Reader tomorrow for an article on staying local this holiday season with Unglued, the Red Raven's Maker's Market, and Cupkie Tree Farm!!

This weekend we have live music all Saturday afternoon from local musicians and Sunday is our giveaway day! Watch on our Facebook site, twitter, and in the shop for giveaway opportunities from Elf trivia to singing in the'll be good times;)

You'll see awesome items in the giveaways from some of these crafters!!
Jill Lauren and her warm and wonderful knit winter wear...(check out her etsy)

Midnight Owl Creations with their desktop calenders, jewelry, and tshirt cowls (see etsy)

Jewelry from Beyond Jewelry

LaceyBug Creations and her cutesy knit coffee clutches - watch for the couple's coffee clutch giveaway! (see etsy)

Gentry Night Studios and her whimsical fabric creations like Doris the Owl (see etsy)

This is also the last weekend for gift workshops!
Thursday, Dec 15 - Bird's Nest Necklace - FULL
Saturday, Dec 17 10am - Kid's Class for water felted pot holder, finger print cuff links, and charms
Saturday, Dec 17 2pm - Bird's Nest Necklace - FULL
Sunday, December 18 1pm - Kid's Class for water felted pot holder, finger print cuff links, and charms
Sunday, December 18 6pm - Glass Etching Coffee Mugs
Register online for these now!

Also - quick note - if you bought the Save Coin coupon be sure to note that it is one coupon per visit (per day)! This is no different from any other Save Coin coupons but we want to be sure you know to use your time wisely and be sure to stop by twice if you have 2. We close Christmas Eve at 5pm!

So come stop by, listen to some sweet tunes, and say hello!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Unglued Crew, Justin and Kelsey's, top picks!

Whew! Another awesome weekend this time full of gift workshops and a great Etsy workshop, too! Thanks so much to Chelsea Thorson of Raine Design for presenting a load of awesome info for Etsy beginners and advanced shop owners. Also thanks to The Station House who set up areas for professional photography of items for people and also computer help. We look forward to partnering up again this January for some more focused classes. And, thanks to all you creative people who came out and shared your ideas and asked great questions. Watch here, on twitter, and Facebook for updates!

This coming weekend will entail a Glass Etching (full) and Friendship Bracelet workshop, sample cake balls from Love in the Oven, and a free Christmas photobooth on Sunday - check out for details.

This past Sunday, Kelsey and Justin from the crew chose their top picks in the shop - check them out below.

We asked Kelsey to find her top gift ideas -
*For herself she chose this sweet necklace -
*For her dad she chose either a wood pen or deer antler pen -
(Sidenote: You pretty much NEED to take a minute right now and watch this video on Turning Pro who makes the above pens.

Turning Pro from Ben K on Vimeo.)

*For her mom she chose mittens (we have some awesome bright colors in stock!) -
*For her brother she found the beer mugs -
*For her best friend she liked this necklace -

As we were closing up shop this weekend, Justin ran around to find his favorite items in the shop to share with you!
(he's the poster boy for all the mustache representation in the shop!)

Clicking it with our camera phone doesn't do these (or the above) items justice, but you get the idea!

Justin's favorites:

The Fargo Christmas card -
His favorite print with an Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros' lyric -
His favorite zombie plushie -
He loves this map star -
And specifically loves the man tie with saws and tools...

Once again, we have more new variety in the shop that even we didn't expect! Hope the holidays aren't making you too crazy...stop by for some warm hot cocoa and as Justin says "non-pukey" Christmas cheer:)