Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Unglued Crew's Favorite Gifts from Adam

Have you been to the shop yet? It's bursting once again with more items and some new varieties including e-reader covers, screenprinted ties with pinup girls, and a few special Fargo gifts, too!

Come check out Adam's favorite gifts he found this weekend while helping out at the shop:(isn't this photo awesome?)

His top picks at the shop this past weekend included:
White Deer Antlers (pictured obviously in the sweet pink color!)


Russian Olive Wood Pen (we have a new stock of white tail deer antler pens!)

Woodland Creature

Wood Ring (now in a larger size for men, too, available in apple wood)

We open again this Thursday from 5-9! Check out our shop hours, gift workshops, and more at www.ungluedmarket.com.

There's still room for our upcoming classes this weekend!
Thurs, Dec 1 Magazine Modern Christmas Tree Decor at 6pm (walk in or preregister at www.ungluedmarket.com) -

And for our Saturday, December 3 workshop at 10am with Tile Coasters! (This is called a kid's workshop, but adults are welcome to make them, too!).

On Sunday, December 4 from 2-5pm is our Etsy Workshop: Rock Your Shop brought to you by Chelsea Thorson of Raine Design!

Thanks to everyone who made this past weekend completely awesome. Cheers to another sweet one ahead!

Monday, November 7, 2011

From orange walls to blue deer...the Christmas Market is coming!

Here's some photos for your viewing pleasure of some of the work going into this Christmas Market! We have over 70 vendors represented starting Black Friday, November 25 through Christmas Eve and we can't wait for you to check out the bursting variety of handmade gifts! You can check out a whole lot more info at www.ungluedmarket.com such as our gift workshops being offered to inspire both adults and kids and other events that get released.

The shop started as a dark, orange and purple coloring. As much as we loved the vibe...it just wasn't holiday-esque or bright enough considering the later nights the market will be open.

Since the shop is happening quite fast, things like the wall of motivation and dan the deer the doorstopper help.

You can also see us at the North by Midwest Craft Spectacular November 19...which you definitely need to make a way to get to there.

You will also be able to catch a candy cane from us at the Holiday Lights Parade downtown Fargo at 6:30pm November 22. (Just imagine Weezer on a holiday float).

Come visit us starting Black Friday! We guarantee it'll be a good time.

(Ok...and we can't wait for the next blog post to share the goodies arriving in the shop right now!
More events are in the works such as a holiday photobooth for you and your buds...live acoustic Christmas music...and more...).

And remember applications for Unglued: Craft Fest happening Feb 25 at the Plains Art Museum are now open at www.ungluedmarket.com!