Friday, September 7, 2012

A Laid Back Saturday!

Whew, it's been a whirlwind!  We're ready for a laid back Saturday that we'd love for you to come and share with us...

Saturday is our craft-iest day!  Both to get creative and to learn from a full-time crafter if it's something you're interested in going into or hearing more about...

We are hosting our first ever Coffee with a Crafter at 10:15am in our cafe area.  Dana Holscher of botny will be interviewed by us to share about going fulltime with her hand drawn earrings here in Fargo this past October!  If you are a crafter yourself at any level or wanting to get motivated to start, come and you will get a cup of Peace coffee with us and get inspired.

That afternoon we'll be also hosting Be Crafty where particpants will make 4 crafty projects!  This class is actually full, but watch for another Be Crafty coming to Unglued December 1!

It's pretty sweet - our Be Crafty participants will all be entered in a drawing for this super nifty stuff from our vendors + our sponsor for the workshop (Modern Textiles!):

There's a whole amazing gift pack from BabyCakes Designs (we are in love with her etsy so you should check it out!)

More AMAZING bath bombs from Pisces Pieces!

And the most amazing fabric both for use for the bunting banner project and a giveaway from Modern Textiles!  

We also brewed up a "knock your socks off" cold pressed coffee for a limited time so be sure to ask about that when you stop in.

Peace Coffee roasts the beans in Minneapolis - they are 100% organic Fairtrade and super yummy. Check out what they have to say about the Yeti blend:
"Imagine a giant, furry beast covered in thick white fur. Enormous feet leave occasional prints in the snowy Himalayas, or in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest (or maybe that's his cousin, the Sasquatch). Is he real? It doesn't really matter. We've felt the chill on a hot day, and glimpsed an elusive hint of smoke. 

This blend is formulated for adventures: caramel and dark chocolate notes play pleasingly between sweet and rich. Crafted as a recipe for the perfect cup of cold press coffee, it's also delicious however you brew it."

Saturday we do close at our normal time of 6pm so be sure to stop in before that to grab a last minute cupcake!

Find more events coming to Unglued on our Facebook page here!  We totally love hosting events and workshops so even more will be getting posted on our Facebook site soon.  Be sure to preregister for classes if you are interested to ensure you can participate!  Our website ( is under construction, but watch for a brand spankin' new one coming in early-ish October or so!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Friday's Shenanigans!

We love Fridays at Unglued!  But...not a whole lot is going to beat this Friday for our grand opening festivities set for the day!

We are most excited about 6pm-9pm Friday (open late again!) where cupcakes from Bakeology will be $1 off!  Limit is 1 per person so we can share the cupcake love <3 and while supplies last.  Come & meet the crew behind Bakeology, too, during those hours.  They are the best cupcakes we've ever had!  Seriously, even Justin has offered to give people their money back if it's not the best cupcake they have ever tasted...and no one has taken a refund yet!

By request, we also brewed up a cold pressed batch of Yeti blend from Peace Coffee!  This stuff will knock your socks off so if you need a pick-me-up, come visit us while it lasts!  ($2 a cup, but $1.50 with cupcake purchase!).

All day we'll have a free DIY (do-it-yourself) table set up to make felt creations until about 5:30pm.  You'll have photo tutorials to walk you through felt flowers for your hair, necklaces, brooches, and even shoe clips.

More giveaways will be happening at 6pm for all shoppers who registered that day!  Check these gems out:

Lilac Wood Pen from Turning Pro

Flower Headband from Tiny Squish

Bath Bombs and Dustin Powder from Pisces Pieces

Fargo Mug from us at Unglued (no, sorry, awesome monster from M is for Miche not included.  he's a really great model, though)

Come, grab a $1 off cupcake, some Peace coffee, and listen to Fargo's songstress, Diane Miller at 7pm!

Well, that should keep you out of trouble for awhile!  'Til tomorrow's update on Saturday we'll catch you later!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Hope you are ready for some pretty good shenanigans coming to Unglued Thursday - Saturday!  (whether or not we'll be is to be determined!)...

THURSDAY is a pretty special day - lots of swag, giveaways, and music!

Check this awesomeness you could win just for shopping prior to 6pm from our wonderful crafters:

The Boyfriend Cowl by Jill Lauren 

Gift Pack of Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub and 3 bars of soap by HotHouse Creations Soap Co.

Bath Bombs & Dusting Powder from Pisces Pieces

Additionally, there'll be swag bags to the first 25 shoppers at 10am!

We'll be staying open late until 9pm to listen to some sweet local tunes:
6:45pm - 7:30pm - Amanda Standalone and the Pastry Shop Girls

7:45pm-8:30pm - Rob Ashe with his groovy blues and jazz

Can't wait to hang out tomorrow!  Check out more events at our website!